About Me

Jen Sinclair spent 15 years in the legal field as a secretary and paralegal before stepping away to raise kids. She has spent the last four years building SEO content for businesses and writing legal blogs on various elements of the law.

Over the last year, Jen has become proactive in her creative writing pursuits. She is a multi-genre writer with two novel manuscripts, a screenplay, several short stories, and personal essays published on Scary Mommy and Insider. Jen believes no topic or genre is off-limits with enough imagination and hard work. She plans to start querying agents and publishers this summer with her latest commercial women’s fiction manuscript.

Jen lives in Saint Augustine, Florida, with her husband, kids, and lovable mutt. She enjoys running, reading, traveling, and correcting other people’s grammar. She’s a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, and at least once a week, you can find her trekking around Northeast Florida with fellow Writer Hikers.